Have you heard the word mindfulness? What does it mean to you? Mindfulness means “paying attention” or being in the present moment with what is. Not thinking about the past or the future, not being lost in thought. Simply being present with what is occurring in this NOW moment. Wouldn’t that be nice? To not be constantly whirling in stressful thoughts? I have been practicing mindfulness meditation for about 5 years. This practice has influenced my life in such a great way. I now have more focus, more awareness, the ability to communicate more consciously, and much more. Mindfulness creates clarity and an open space for more creativity to flow.

Mindfulness will help one grow in all areas of life. From being aware of brushing my teeth to washing the dishes, cultivating mindfulness makes these seemingly boring activities actually interesting! Pick one activity that you do every day and try being mindful during the process. It could be something such as taking a shower, walking the dog, or petting your cat. When you start this activity, bring awareness to the sensations you feel in the body. Notice thoughts that occur, without judging them, just simply noting that you are having certain types of thoughts, then bringing your attention back to the sensations in the body. Noticing your breathing. Are you breathing? Begin to observe. If you are brushing your teeth, feel the sensation of the brush on your gums. Does it feel soft, tingly, warm? If you are eating, smell and taste every savory flavor in your mouth, and enjoy it!

If you want to reduce stress, achieve greater focus, attention, and be morepresent in your life without drugs, than mindfulness practice is for you. If you are very drawn to this concept of living mindfully, you may be interested in receiving aMINDFUL MASSAGE from me. This is a way to get you more present in your body.

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