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Now you can schedule your Fort Collins massage appointment online, just click the button below:

We are so excited to offer online scheduling for your appointment. I know it will make it easier and faster for many of you to find times when we are available and you can record your appointment directly on your calendar. When you do come in, please let us know what you think of this service.

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 Now offering complimentary Aromatherapy and Cupping Massage

Joanna Dembek, Massage Therapist at Dembek Fort Collins Massage Studio creates a relaxing environment for her clients.

Have Chronic Pain?…We Can Help You Feel Better!

At Present Moment Massage, we primarily work with clients who have chronic neck, shoulder, low back pain, or sports injuries. Do you sit at a computer desk all day, have a long commute to work, or have a very physical job? Using Deep Tissue Massage combined with Trigger Point work, Cupping Massage, and Myofascial Release techniques we can help get you on your way to better health and out of pain.

We also specialize in Prenatal Massage Therapy. Prenatal Massage prepares the body for an easier delivery, stabilizes hormone levels, brings greater blood flow and nutrition to the placenta, more energy and less fatigue for the Mother, relieves low back and abdominal strain, as well as relaxation to Mother and Baby. Using a wonderfully supportive prenatal cushion, Mother-to-be is able to lay on her belly while her back is being worked on. All our Mamas love the chance to lay face down during their massages.

Every Body is Unique

Here at Present Moment Massage, we realize that every body is unique. Each massage is tailored to suit your individual “kneads.” You can expect your therapist’s undivided attention and clear communication throughout the session to make sure we are honing in on the important spots for you as well as educating you on how to further care for your muscles. For your first session, you will need to arrive a few minutes early to fill out a health history form. You will be offered the choice of the use of an aromatherapy blend, or plain unscented oil. The plain unscented oil is Organic Fractionated Coconut oil, also used as the carrier oil for aromatherapy sessions. We use only the finest Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade doTerra essential oils. Depending upon your issues, we may offer Cupping Massage. Cupping is a reverse pressure massage using suction cups to increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles as well as decrease stagnation, eliminating toxins from the muscles. Cupping works great for those hard to reach muscles. For more on Cupping, check out the Cupping Massage page.

Joanna has been practicing massage since 2001, beginning her career in St. Augustine Florida, with a successful private practice for over 7 years before taking a one year detour through China then arriving here in Fort Collins in October of 2011. She is grateful to have the opportunity to serve this amazing community. Her specialties include: Deep Tissue, Cupping Massage, Trigger Point, Foot Reflexology, Prenatal Massage, and On-site Chair Massage.


About Joanna

Aside from my massage practice, I have an interest in dancing, hiking, bicycling, supporting local community, traveling and cooking. Visit the site often to find new healthy restaurants, Farmer’s Markets, local events, health tips and FUN DELICIOUS RECIPES. Find out more about Joanna Dembek.

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