What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy?

Research studies have shown that massage has real, measurable physical and emotional benefits for your body and mind. Some benefits like relaxation and decreased stress are fairly obvious. However, there are many benefits of massage that are not as commonly known, yet they have a powerful impact on how we […]

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What is My First Appointment Like?

You will be given a short health history form to fill out. This remains confidential. This will provide me with information that will help to better serve you. Then we will discuss any issues you came with and your intentions for the massage. This will help me to evaluate […]

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What Kinds of Massage Can I Get?

Swedish massage is the type of massage most people think of when massage is mentioned. It uses long strokes, kneading, and small friction-type motions. I use a combination of techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue,  Neuromuscular therapy, Cupping therapy, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, and/or Essential Oils, giving a firm but relaxing […]

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What Should I Do in a Massage?

Make yourself comfortable . Always tell me if you are uncomfortable or if you would like more or less pressure. There is no reason to be in pain during your massage. Feel free to ask questions about the massage or massage in general.

Many people just close their eyes […]

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What Kind of Massage Oils are Used?

I use organic fractionated coconut oil or Zen organic massage cream.  They are both healthy for your skin and absorb well (not too greasy). Sometimes I add Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils to soothe sore muscles and to support relaxation.  Please let me know before we get started if you […]

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What is an Essential Oil Protocol Add-on?

It is a specific application of pure therapeutic-grade essential oils to feet, spine & back to stimulate and support specific systems of the body and assist the healing process of particular ailments, big and small.  You may choose between: Lymphatic, Anti-inflammatory, Osteo/Bones/Joints, Infection Recovery, Adrenals and Stress Recovery, Digestive, Hormone […]

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What is a Mindful Massage?

I have developed a new way to give massage; a way that is more deliberate and focused. Receiving a MINDFUL MASSAGE will benefit you more than you may realize. You will still get the great deep massage from these hands that you love, with the addition of getting out of your stressful thoughts, and being in your […]

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