It is a specific application of pure therapeutic-grade essential oils to feet, spine & back to stimulate and support specific systems of the body and assist the healing process of particular ailments, big and small.  You may choose between: Lymphatic, Anti-inflammatory, Osteo/Bones/Joints, Infection Recovery, Adrenals and Stress Recovery, Digestive, Hormone Balance, Neurological/Nerves, Respiratory Support, or Immune Application.  All of the protocols start with Frankincense to help open up the pores to allow the other oils to absorb better, and most end with Peppermint oil to lock in the previous oils. There are about 10 different oils used. You receive between 20 to 80 drops of pure potent essential oils to your spine and feet. Closer to 20 drops for those that are elderly, sick, or children. Closer to 80 for those who have a healthy strong foundation. The results of these protocols can be phenomenal. You may notice big changes right away, or if your issue is chronic, it may take a few treatments to achieve the results you are looking for. Learn more on the Massage Menu  (link) page.