I have developed a new way to give massage; a way that is more deliberate and focused. Receiving a MINDFUL MASSAGE will benefit you more than you may realize. You will still get the great deep massage from these hands that you love, with the addition of getting out of your stressful thoughts, and being in your body, really feeling the sensations in the body as I massage it. I know some like to just float off into la la land, and that is ok too. But did you know that just by simply focusing your attention on an area of the body you can help heal it? Just imagine if  together (therapist and client) we could focus our attention on your aching muscles, joints or other areas of discomfort; both of us bringing awareness to the area with focused intent. It is a form of meditation.

Breathing into the different areas of the body, bringing blood flow, and waking up the body. This technique has incredible healing powers! Those with chronic pain will learn how to better deal with the pain. Also, this will help you really feel and be in your body and get out of your head, letting go of those spinning thoughts that are trying to control you and stressing you out in the process. I will educate you on how to be in your body whether you are at home or work or standing in line at the store, whether you are in pain or are under lots of stress.

This is only the beginning of you taking responsibly for your own well being, and becoming less dependent on me and other health care providers. My intention is for you to leave my office with more than just having had an escape from reality for an hour. I want to be of a greater service to you. I intend for you to carry the skills that I impart on you out into your life. This may mean that you don’t need to see me as often as you currently do. That is ok. I will then know that what I am doing is working and that will bring me great joy.

Mindful Massage can be done with any type of massage that I offer, including: Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Prenatal, Reflexology, and even Chair Massage.