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Earn Cash by Hosting a Class/Party

Most of you have heard me talk about doTerra essential oils. I’ve probably rubbed them on you at some point, and/or diffused them while you received a massage. As many of you know, I teach free classes and One on One Wellness Consults on these oils, educating many people about how to use essential oils to help keep families well. We really need to boost our immune systems this time of year. I can show you and your friends how to do this in a safe, natural, and cost effective way.

Can you think of at least 4 friends who would be interested in using essential oils to keep their families healthy? Friends or family who are tired of buying over the counter medicine to mask symptoms? If you host a class with 4 or more guests, you will receive 10% of everything I sell during your class. Check in-hand at the end of your class!

When I say “class,” that is exactly what I mean. This will be an educational and fun class. I don’t drive a hard sell. I just present and educate about the oils, creating the space for fun and humor as well. You and your friends get to smell them, drink them, and put them on, as well as learn how they work (scientifically) and how to use them safely and effectively. You can serve wine and appetizers, or keep it simple with a few snacks. Some groups get wild and have lots of fun and laughs (and wine!), while others take a more serious class style approach. I go with the flow of the group. I’ll provide “oily water” (yummy!) and plenty of samples to take home. If anyone wants to buy anything at the end, we both reap the benefits. If not, everyone goes home with samples, knowledge and a good mood. This class will take a total of 90 minutes, but I will stick around as long as anyone has questions.

If you are still reading this, than I’m guessing I’ve peaked your interest. Give me a call or email me for more details or to set up your class and earn $$$

Testimonial: My husband was starting to feel run down a few days ago. You know, that “almost, maybe getting sick” feeling? I immediately gave him a mixture of oils called, “the flu bomb” containing: wild orange, clove bud, black pepper seed, cinnamon, eucalyptus, oregano, rosemary, and melissa oils. I blended these individual oils into one bottle and had him take 3 drops in a shot glass, every hour all day while at work. The next day he took it 4 times throughout the day. He was still slightly “run down” on day two. On the third day he was feeling better. He still took the flu bomb on day three, but just once in the morning and once at night. He is feeling completely better! Never got “sick,” and didn’t have to miss work.  And neither did I. I took the flu bomb 3 times a day for 3 days to prevent myself from catching what he might have gotten.  This 3 day protocol only cost $4.00, for both of us combined! I love saving money with all natural plants! And it feels good to have the power to help my family without going to the doctor. FYI: You can also buy this “flu bomb” already blended together in a gel cap form for only 24.50 for 60 softgels. It’s called: OnGuard Plus. This is good for people who don’t like the strong taste of essential oils, or who don’t want to make their own blends. I have to say, being a chemist is lots of fun though! Learn more in my class! Check out my doTerra essential oils page for more information on essential oils.

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